Couples Therapy


We are trained and experienced in helping couples find a deeper understanding of each other and their relationship.  Problems within a relationship can often be driven by each individuals past experiences and family culture.  Therapy offers the space to explore how these issues may have an impact on the relationship today.


We should emphasise that as Person-Centred therapists we aim to offer support to both parties and we consider that the client in this process is the relationship.  We would like to offer reassurance that we will not 'take sides' or try to influence one party more than the other, and we recognise that this is one fear that often stops couples seeking therapy.


One of the aims of couples therapy is to learn to listen to each other and to share thoughts and ideas in a safe setting.  This shared experience can be used as a powerful tool to strengthen the core of your relationship.  The art of communication is often lost in the stresses of a busy life or when major life experiences such as redundancy, financial issues,  bereavement or the arrival of a new baby or a sense of disappointment that life is not taking the direction you planned impacts upon your relationship.


Our approach to working with couples in a Person-Centred way invites both partners to express their needs and communicate authentically with each other.   We will work together to find ways of communicating with each other to help resolve conflict and bring closeness and awareness to the relationship.


If however you have already resolved to part, couples therapy can also be used to negotiate and mediate a successful parenting relationship thereby creating a more secure and loving environment for your children.


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